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    Equine Import Export Center: 212-328-9132
  • Airline or Pet Travel Emergency: 212-973-8275

From here to there, and there to here,
we make sure your animal receives outstanding care

24/7 Animal Care

Having a great experience pre- and post-flight makes for a great trip. At The ARK, we dedicate ourselves to making each “guest’s” stay comfortable, safe and stress-free. We’re the only full-service animal reception facility in the United States, staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With direct “airside” access, we are always equipped to receive and care for your animal so it does not need to wait in a cargo warehouse.

shetland pony

  • oasis-paw-icon24/7 Animal Care

  • equine-hoof-iconFull-service airport quarantine facility, pending USDA approval

  • aviary-iconExpansive equine import and export center, featuring 48 individual, climate-controlled import quarantine stalls and 24 export stalls

  • Animal handling and veterinary care for all in-transit pets at ARK Pet Oasis

  • equine-hoof-iconGroup and individual bird quarantine in dedicated, full-service aviary

  • Livestock handling system to accommodate different livestock species for export

  • Direct “airside” loading for safe and efficient movement of animals

  • equine-hoof-iconDirect access to taxiway and private aircraft pARKing

  • Ample landside parking for shippers and pet parents
ARK PET OASIS - Dedicated to the Welfare of In-Transit Pets

Air travel for pets can be a complex and difficult process. Throughout North and South America, pets transported as live animal cargo and excess baggage spend hours pre- and post-flight confined in their transport crates, sitting in a cargo warehouse without food, water or relief. ARK Pet Oasis seeks to mitigate both the pet parent’s and the animal’s concern and anxiety. While we cannot change your traveling pet’s experience while in flight aboard the aircraft, studies have shown that the superlative care provided pre- and post flight greatly reduces the stress of travel. ARK Pet Oasis serves as a central resource available to all airlines, pet shippers and pet parents 24/7, servicing the needs and promoting the welfare of companion animals travelling as live cargo.

ARK Pet Oasis

ARK Pet Oasis is the first facility of its kind in North America. A central resource available to all airlines, pet shippers and pet parents 24/7, it services the needs and promotes the welfare of all pets traveling as live animal cargo.

We ensure that all in-transit companion animals receive rest and care upon arrival, departure and in-between domestic and international flights.

Special design features include:

  • Airside location for direct access to aircraft
  • Proprietary ARK-branded vans for safe transport of pets to and from aircraft
  • Ample parking for drop-off or pick-up of your animals
  • Veterinary triage area for acute medical care
  • 100% air exchange
  • Isolation kennels and quarantine rooms for infectious animals
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection protocols to prevent transmission of illness
  • Sound panels to absorb excess noise
  • Dedicated outdoor relief area for dogs
  • 47 dog kennels
  • 12 cat kennels


  • oasis-paw-iconDelivery of vaccines, micro-chipping and preparation of health documents provided on-site by AirHeart Pet Hospital USDA-certified veterinarians (appointment only)

  • Airline crate compliance check and education on crate best practices

  • Crate sales

  • Airline check-in and review of travel and health documentation

  • Coordination with airlines for accurate flight departure times

  • Just-in-time delivery to the aircraft in official ARK vehicles. No more waiting in hot or cold cargo facilities!

  • Animal relief, feeding and watering

  • Unique ARK ID to ensure your animal departs on the correct flight

    Upon Arrival:

  • As a U.S. Customs bonded warehouse, our staff can relieve and care for all inbound international animals immediately post-flight, even if they are awaiting to clear U.S. Customs and Border Protection requirements.

  • U.S. Customs clearing option, to assure your pet clears Customs “wheels up,” or before they land at JFK

  • Animal relief, crate cleaning and basic grooming, feeding and watering

  • Veterinary care, if deemed necessary, provided on-site by AirHeart Pet Hospital

  • Pet photo and report emailed to you to communicate your pet’s well-being (extra charge)

  • Any required isolation or self-quarantine (depending on country of origin)


  • Animal relief, crate evaluation and cleaning, and basic grooming for pets during layovers

  • Provide U.S. Customs clearance as the first port of entry into the United States (optional)

  • Coordination of arriving and departing flights

  • All other services above, as needed

Additional veterinary services and boarding are offered by our tenants, AirHeart Pet Hospital and Paradise 4 Paws (opening Fall 2017).


Before you fly, please check the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s (USDA APHIS) Pet Travel website for all health requirements, both domestically and internationally and IATA Traveler?s Pet Corner for acceptable crate sizes and dimensions for dogs and cats. Also, contact your airline for all information.

Equine Export

The welcoming Equine and Livestock Export Center is a USDA-approved rest and inspection facility, staffed by experienced and dedicated grooms that understand the unique demands of equine care. We have created a special environment to put owners, grooms and most importantly, our equine guests at ease before they catch their next international flight.

  • equine-hoof-icon(24) individual 12×12 stalls with non-slip flooring, timothy blend hay and ample bedding

  • equine-hoof-iconDirect loading from landside transportation into export stalls

  • equine-hoof-iconPre-approved grooms and handlers will have access to showers and a comfortable lounge for relaxing pre-departure

  • equine-hoof-iconMore efficient and safe movement: Indoor USDA clearance, and direct loading into jet stalls at departure

  • equine-hoof-iconGrooming upon arrival and prior to departure and any other special services requested

  • equine-hoof-iconDedicated parking for arriving trailers

Equine Import & Quarantine

Importing horses can be stressful for owner, agent and animal. Our specialty Equine Import and Quarantine center is the first of its kind in the United States. Focused on safety, efficiency in process and comfort, our goal is to provide the highest level of care for your precious cargo, so your horses get to where they are going and leave healthy and happy.

Horse with colt

  • (48) 12×12 individual climate-controlled stalls

  • Non-slip, cushioned flooring, epoxy covered walls and natural lighting

  • 100% air exchange and negative pressure transfer

  • Ante-room for each horse’s equipment and supplies

  • Twice (2x) daily feedings with timothy blend hay and special feed upon request

  • 24/7 observation by experienced staff, with training by Olympic grooms

  • Direct animal loading from jet stalls into quarantine, by specially designed ARK vehicles

  • Daily grooming and hand walking upon request

  • Biosecurity oversight by Cornell Veterinary School of Medicine and in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture


Birds of a different feather require unique care and handling. The ARK Aviary can accommodate commercial and individual shipments of birds with all proper health documentation, for in-transit or USDA 30-day quarantine. USDA-approved team members are always on-site to ensure these delicate creatures are appropriately handled at every turn of their stay. Why, we’re even able to receive water fowl or aquatic birds that require specialized caging and broadcast feeding.

Four birds on a perch

  • Isolettes for individual bird quarantine of (30) or more days: Provides secure bio-containment with fans, filters, and heater and the ability to feed/water/clean daily by ARK trained staff

  • Two group aviary rooms for larger flocks of birds, with the ability to receive water fowl or aquatic birds

  • The ARK can provide care for palletized, in-transit commercial shipments of birds with the proper health certificates, any customs paperwork and advance reservation
Different breeds of animals